• Prim Sites

    Prim Sites

    Prim Sites are located next to the water and offer privacy from the rest of the recreation area. There are four Prim Sites with one being an RV Site. 

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  • Cabins


    Lake Martinez Recreation has cabins to accommodate up to a party of eight.

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  • RV Sites

    RV Sites

    Lake Martinez Recreation offers RV sites for your short term or a long term stay.

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  • Park Models

    Park Models

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Rules & Regulations

RV Space # Max Length Max Stay
#1 25' 14 days*
#2, #3, #17 & PRIM SITES 35' 14 days*
#4, #5, #6 40' 14 days*
#7 - #16 40' 3 Months **

 * Limited Stay reservations may be extended after the initial reservation subject to space availability.

** At the end of 3 months patron must leave the LM area for a minimum of 24 hours or rotate to another spot that is available. After 24 hours patron can call and make a reservation for another 3 months.