Family Advocacy Program

The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary resource that is designed to address child abuse and domestic abuse within the Marine Corps community through prevention, intervention, and treatment.

Family Advocacy services are available when an act of abuse or neglect has been alleged. These cases are more serious in nature and indicate a definable threat to the victim’s safety. These cases are monitored very closely and include intensive rehabilitation services for both the victim and offender.

Services Offered

  • Staffed by individuals trained in social work, counseling, nursing, and behavioral health specialties.
  • Collaborates with Military Treatment Facilities and TRICARE to connect those requiring intensive care with services.
  • Clinical Program includes screenings, assessments, treatment planning, evidence-based interventions, clinical case management, and appropriate referrals.  Counseling for domestic and child abuse consists of individual, couple, group, and family therapy.  The primary goals of the clinical program are ensuring the safety of the victim, reducing abusive behaviors, and aiding in the development of healthy relationships.
  • Victim Advocates provide crisis intervention, immediate and ongoing advocacy services, and outreach to victims of domestic abuse and child abuse. All Victim Advocates are credentialed under the National Advocate Credentialing Program through the National Organization for Victim Assistance.  Victim advocacy services are available for all victims of domestic abuse, and non-offending parents of children who have been abused.
  • New Parent Support Program offers parenting education and home visiting services to expectant parents and families with children ages zero to five. It is staffed with home visitors who are licensed social workers, licensed counselors and/or licensed registered nurses. Families may self-refer or may be referred by other agencies.
  • The Prevention and Education program provides education and prevention-focused services to individuals, families, and the community. It provides classes on relationships, anger management, stress management, and parenting. Additionally, P&E programs provide outreach and awareness events on child abuse and domestic violence.

Within My Reach is a workshop for individuals to help improve their current and/or future relationships.  This workshop is a skills-based program with tools that help participants guide their relationship toward more enriching, more satisfying interactions with the people that matter in their lives, with themes that include:

  • knowing yourself first
  • smart love
  • making your own decisions
  • smart communication
  • infidelity and forgiveness

This workshop is 15 hours and meets weekly for 4 consecutive sessions.
This workshop is for individuals only, whether in a current relationship or not.  Couples are not allowed to attend together.

If interested, please contact Family Advocacy at 928-269-2561

We know that the day to day can get stressful, thus giving leeway for anger to consume us. Behavioral Health will be holding a Success Over Stress and Anger Class, with 3 sessions weekly per class.

The objective of this class is to understand what stress is and how it influences behavior. Participants will learn the definition of stress and its impact on the body; spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Simple and effective methods will be introduced to reduce the stressors and stress-related symptoms.

If interested, please contact Family Advocacy at 928-269-2561

#SHINETHELIGHT on Domestic Violence

It is our mission to bring awareness and give our Active Duty and DOD personnel the courage and tools to recognize the signs of domestic violence, and report it to our Family Advocacy Program. 

"Family violence hurts mission radiness, retention, performance, and the overall quality of life for military families. The Family Advocacy Program mission is to prevent, identify, report, intervene and treat all aspects of child abuse, child neglect, and domestic abuse, to include non-married partners in intimate relationships." -Col. Suggs, Commanding Officer of MCAS Yuma.

Station Bulletin 1710

All active duty personnel and DOD personnel will report known or any suspected incidents of child abuse, child neglect, and domestic abuse occurring on the installation or involving military personnel or their families to the Family Advocacy Program (928) 941-3650. 

Incidents in which there is immediate danger will immediately be reported to law enforcement by calling 911. 

Please don't hesitate to report. 
For more information, please visit our offices:

Family Advocacy Program
Building 598
24/7 Help Line: 928-941-3650