Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SAPR) serves as a focal point for coordinating all sexual assault prevention and response actions. The SAPR’s mission is two-fold: to address the needs of military members and dependents who have been victims of sexual assault and to proactively provide relevant interactive training on a regular, continuous basis to all Marines, Sailors, and civilians aboard MCAS Yuma in an effort to eliminate sexual assault from within our ranks.

Services Offered

  • Creation of a positive command climate in which victims and bystanders (who intervene) feel confident about reporting an incident of sexual assault without retaliation.
  • A continuum of training commensurate with the knowledge and duties of target Marine audiences that emphasizes how to prevent sexual assault through bystander intervention and addresses acts of retaliation within the Corps.
  • Confidential 24/7 access to credentialed advocates who provide crisis intervention and referrals to supportive resources, including medical care and dedicated legal representation.
  • Victim reporting options to file either a confidential Restricted Report or an Unrestricted Report which serves as a bridge to command involvement and offender accountability.
  • Independent, thorough, and sensitive investigation of unrestricted and third-party reports of sexual assault incidents by the appropriate investigative agency (e.g., NCIS).
  • Fair and judicious disposition of investigated sexual assault incidents by senior and experienced officers (06 and higher, specially trained as Sexual Assault Initial Disposition Authority) with the goal of holding offenders appropriately accountable.
  • Targeted research to develop new programs that will stop sexual assault before it occurs and open the door to more reporting of sexual assault incidents by both male and female Marine victims.

Civilian Victim Advocates and Uniformed Victim Advocates are available to help decrease the stress related to a sexual assault. The Victim Advocates have undergone intensive training and are able to offer victim assistance in three main areas: support, providing information about the different reporting options afforded to them, and referrals to a multitude of different resources-both on base and in the civilian community.

Reporting Options

Restricted Reporting allows victims of domestic violence to receive support and counseling services without a law enforcement investigation or chain of command involvement. Restricted Reporting protects the victim's identity and except in the rare instances, assures absolute confidentiality.

Unrestricted Reporting allows victims of domestic violence to receive support, medical attention, and counseling with a law enforcement investigation and the support of the chain of command. Unrestricted Reporting offers protection of the victim from the offender. In order to make a fully informed choice, Restricted Reporting versus Unrestricted Reporting, be sure to speak to a Victim Advocate (VA).

If you are the victim of sexual assault, immediate and confidential help is available 24/7 by calling the DoD Safe Helpline at 1-877-995-5247 or our 24/7 helpline 928-941-3601.