Teen Adventure Camps

These camps are offered for military children age 14-16. Teens will have a chance to experience activities such as kayaking, rafting, climbing, and more. Three of these camps are available for children and youth with special needs!

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Special Needs Camps - Arizona

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Arivaca Boys Camp A 10 month program that helps young men, diagnosed with ODD, learn who they are and visualize who they might become.  Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) More Information
Camp Abilities A comprehensive developmental sports camp for children in middle and high school who are blind, deaf-blind or multiple disabilities. Deaf, Dead-Blind, Multiply Disabled More Information
Camp Steps  San Diego's premier summer camp for kids and teens who experience cognitive disabilities. Asperger's, High Functioning Autism, PDD-NOS, MDD, CDD, Social Anxiety  More Information
Dream Street Camp Kids with terminal, chronic and life threatening infirmities are given the opportunity to enjoy activities that would otherwise be unavailable to them.  Terminal, Chronic, Life Threatening Infirmities More Information
Camp Not-A-Wheeze Week-long summer camp for children with moderate to severe asthma aged 7-14. Asthma More Information
Camp AZDA Provides a safe environment for kids while they enjoy a traditional camp experience.  Diabetes More Information
Kris' Camp Therapy camp that presently focuses on children (ages 4-15) with autism and/pr with autistic-like challenges.  Autism More Information
Positive Action Community Theater PACT is an improvisational theatre and performing arts workshop for children, teens and adults with autism and other unique needs that are designed to improve self-esteem, cooperation, fitness and creativity.  Autism More Information
Speech and Language Summer Camps Autism Spectrum Addressing Pragmatics (ASAP) camp and Language Enrichment and Acquisition Program (LEAP).  Speech, Language, Autism More Information
Saddles of Joy Therapeutic riding program dedicated to introduce children to the joy and value of horses. Therapeutic More Information
Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation Offers special needs children and their families an Arizona ranch-style camp and retreat experiences enhanced by programs designed to foster nurturing interactions between campers and the ranch animals.  Therapeutic More Information

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