Family Readiness

Family readiness is a combat multiplier, equally as important as individual, equipment and combat readiness.

It is the responsibility of the individual Marine and their family to successfully balance life, career and mission events. They are supported by the enduring partnership between the unit’s Family Readiness Command Team and Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB).

Know Your Deployment Readiness Coordinator

Every unit aboard MCAS Yuma has a designated DRC to communicate official information and provide referral assistance to Marines and their families. If you have any questions, feel free to call us.

Family Readiness Training

The Family Readiness Program Trainer provides training for Command Teams, Deployment Readiness Coordinators, Uniformed Readiness Coordinators and Family Readiness Volunteers in accordance with MCO 1754.9A.

Command Team Training

This class is required for all new members to the Command Team. The Command Team Training Course is designed to guide new Command Team members in their roles and responsibilities as well as provide information to implement a successful Unit Personal Family Readiness Program. Unit-specific courses may be requested.

Family Readiness Assistant and Command Team Advisor Training

The Command Team Advisor and Family Readiness Assistant course is designed to help new Command Team Advisors and Family Readiness Assistants in their roles and responsibilities as part of the Command Team, as well as provide information to implement a successful Unit Personal Family Readiness Program. It is required within 60 days of being appointed.

OPSEC & PII Training

Personally Identifiable Information & Operations Security Training (PII/OPSEC) as A Command Team volunteer, this workshop is required within 45 days of appointment and on an annual bases. This affords the volunteer the ability to serve as a designated command representative with knowledge and understanding of PII/OPSEC as it pertains to keeping Marines and their families safe.