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Marine Corps Family Team Building Yuma Workshops 

Our goal is to support the Marine and their family. Check out some of the classes based on the topics below. Use the navigation buttons above to view the descriptions of different types of classes.  

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Readiness & Deployment

Pre-Deployment Brief

The key to a successful deployment is preparation. This program highlights key areas of personal and family preparation for single Marines, married Marines and their respective families; either active-duty or Reservists. Suggestions for personal and family preparation including important documents, emergency communication, money management, operational security, sources of assistance, information and referral resources are provided. 


Pre-Deployment for Kids/Parents

Children present unique challenges when their parent is gone for an extended period of time. A greater challenge presents itself when they believe their parent may be in harm’s way. “Kids Pre-Deployment” serves as an age appropriate way of helping children understand what they are feeling and how to process it in a positive manner by showing them healthy ways to cope. Focus is also given on self-expression and the importance of communicating any concerns they may have to an adult. Our goal is to provide an activitybased class that will support children’s understanding of their feelings and allow for a mutually beneficial platform of communication between the child and their parents. 

Mid-Deployment Success

Mid-Deployment Success

Deployments can be a challenging time for Marine families and the mid-point often provides an opportunity to reflect and reset. Routines have been established, a sense of normalcy may have started to appear in the family’s schedule, and each family member experiences different emotions during this time. “Mid-Deployment Success” is designed to help participants acknowledge and process their feelings during this period. It shows the learner that they are not alone, the emotions they are experiencing are temporary, and it provides them with resources to mitigate potentially harmful stress. Deployments and prolonged absences are never easy life events for Marine families. Whether it is a learner’s 1st or 6th experience, each deployment is different due to personal and professional changes that may have occurred throughout life. Our goal is to help each participant gain a better real-time understanding of both the previous and upcoming expectations and of the resources that are available to assist 

Mid-Deployment Kids 

Deployments can be a challenging time for children and the mid-point often provides an opportunity to reflect, especially since many children will have established new norms. Routines have changed and a parent’s return may still seem very distant. “Kids Mid-Deployment Success” uses activities and affords young people the opportunity to meet others that are sharing the same experience. It emphasizes how to make the deployment period a time of positive growth, not just a time of waiting for their Marine parent to return. Our goal is to provide an activity-based class that will support children’s understanding of how far they have come along in the deployment, their current feelings, and development of a mutually beneficial platform of communication between the child and their parents

Return & Reunion

Return & Reunion

The time is near to welcome the family member back from a demanding separation. It has been difficult for everyone. “Return and Reunion Success” is designed to help family members understand some of the processes that will occur once their Marine returns. Managing expectations at this point in an extended absence can be difficult. Celebrating the return of the Marine is a rite of passage. It is a time of festivity that can sometimes be overcome by a range of emotions. “Return and Reunion” provides the framework of what to expect, some of the emotions a person may feel, and resources that are available to all family members during the Marine’s return. Our goal at Marine and Family Programs is that this class will help the learner
and their family better understand what to expect and make the reunion a lasting and memorable experience.

Return & Reunion Kids 

When homecoming is approaching, countdowns can become a daily routine. Children are excited to see their deployed parent, and yet they can also become anxious about the pending change. “Kids Return and Reunion Success” uses activities and affords young people the opportunity to meet others that are sharing the same experience. It emphasizes that emotions they are experiencing are normal, and everybody experiences them differently. Our goal is to provide an activity-based class that will support children’s understanding of their feelings and allow for a mutually beneficial platform of communication between the child and their parents as they prepare for their deployed parent’s return

Reintegration Success

Life has probably changed from what it was before the deployment. Communication can be difficult, understanding and questioning why your loved one is different, and whether a person needs some extra help are matters you may be addressing. Reintegration Success is intended to support family members by acknowledging their emotions, explaining the importance of supportive communication, and bringing awareness of resources that are available to assist. Marine and Family Programs believes this class will help make the transition from deployment to “normal life” a more seamless and productive process.

Family Care Plan

Whats In Your Family Care Plan

Emergencies happen whether we like them or no, and just as importantly, whether we have prepared for them or not. “What’s in Your Family Care Plan” is a workshop designed to explore the reasons why preparation is essential, and important considerations during that process. Our goal is to positively impact and support overall unit, personal and family readiness.

Readiness Binder

The key to a successful deployment is preparation. This workshop highlights key areas of personal and family including important documents, emergency communication, operational security, sources of assistance, information and referral resources are provided. 

Deployment Support Event 

Examples include: Hearts Apart, Care Package gatherings, Self-Care events

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L.I.N.K.S. for Marines

LINKS for Marines provides the essentials that every Marine needs to make the most of his or her military journey. Each session focuses on military lifestyle, benefits, services, and connections that enable Marines and their families to take charge of their military journey. The resources and information they receive during this training aids them in their success of achieving personal and family readiness throughout mission, life, and career events. 

Lifestyles Insights, Networking, Knowledge & Skills (L.I.N.K.S.) for Spouses & Couples

L.I.N.K.S. is a class desinged to familiarize service members and their family members with the Marine Corps lifestyle, some of the challenges they might face, and how to overcome those challenges in positive ways. Participants who attend can expect to learn a lot about the Marine Corps, as well as gain information about MCAS Yuma and the surrounding community. Attendees will gain further insights on resources, benefits, and services availalbe to their family. This class encourages interaction and is facilitated through games, activities, and guided discussions. 

L.I.N.K.S. for Teachers

  It is known that military children attend 6-9 different schools prior to high school graduation. Starting at a new school can be difficult enough, but add in all of the challenges that come along with military life and a child’s educational experience can become taxing for everyone involved. LINKS for Teachers offers educators insights on the various challenges that military families face, while further explaining the resources and programs available to assist in times of need. This workshop provides teachers with a better understanding of how to adapt to military students and ensure that their educational experience is positive one.

This training is facilitated collaboratively with the LINKS Trainer, School Liaison, and a designated Active Duty Marine representative from the local installation. 

L.I.N.K.S. for Kids/Teens

LINKS for Teens provides information and activities to assist the youth within our military community better understand the Marine Corps lifestyle and gain the tools to further thrive. Participants learn to become more resilient, look forward to new beginnings, cope with farewells, and embrace the experiences they may encounter along the way.

L.I.N.K.S. for Parents


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 Four Lenses

This workshop is designed to assist in understanding why people think, feel and act the way they do. This in turn will aid in learning better ways to interact with different personalities. Learning to adapt one's “lens” with others will help each individual to remain flexible and better able to compromise and reach solutions. This will result in achieving personal goals and lead to quicker conflict resolution that will help each person in their personal and professional lives. The Four Lenses workshop helps us to see that it is okay to think differently than others. The key take-away is for us to be aware and better understand how we can better get along with each other.
5 Love Languages

Lasting relationships, like anything worthwhile, take intentional commitment over time. But when you’re just not on the same page, keeping your love alive can feel intimidating – or even impossible. Participants will identify their predominant love language by taking an assessment. The different love languages will be introduced and explained and then all will practice applying the concept in their own lives & relationships. 

Say What?

Have you ever been puzzled by someone’s reaction to your communication with them? Why did they become so defensive? Communication is so much more than what we say. This class offers a wonderful opportunity to better understand people and increase your communication effectiveness.

Inner Balance

Learn helpful strategies and tools to become more emotionally resilient in both personal and professional relationships, to include basic stress, anger, and conflict management.
Connect: Building Lasting Relationship

The challenges of a military lifestyle can place many demands on Marines and their families. This workshop provides practical information and tools to enhance healthy relationships and educate Marines and their partners on how to successfully nurture and maintain a positive union. It is designed to be preventative in nature by teaching and demonstrating positive, proactive ways to build a healthy, lasting relationship. The main topics covered in this relationship class are needs and expectations. Participants have the opportunity to explore their relational needs, as well as their partners. Attendees will learn how expectations affect our relationships. Couples will be provided with tips and information to help them better meet relational needs and overall, increase relationship satisfaction.

Ready, Set, Prepare!

Preparation is key to overcoming, and sometimes surviving, natural disasters and hazards. Each duty station for Service Members and their families presents varying environmental activities. “Ready, Set, Prepare” is a class that teaches learners about these varying events. It shows learners how to plan and prepare for the unexpected while keeping their families as safe as possible. Marine and Family Programs designed this class to support Service Members and their families by explaining geographically specific disasters and providing tools to plan for them.

6 Hours to a Successful Relationship

All of us can improve our skills when it comes to loving the most important people in our lives. Every couple starts off their relationship committed to making it work. Unfortunately, many of us simply do not know HOW to accomplish a healthy and fulfilling marriage. The difficulty is not knowing what to do to make that happen! PREP can provide concrete strategies and tools to build a rewarding marriage. 
Self Defense (Safe and Sound Series)

Nothing feels better than knowing you can take care of yourself mentally, financially, and physically. However for a lot of people, the physical part is just exercise. Being able to protect yourself in all situations is a confidence booster as much as it is a reassurance. A reassurance that can only be gained through any form of self-defense classes. Today, when people think about self-defense classes, they tend to think about women and children. However, self-defense classes are for everyone.

Autoskills Basics (Safe and Sound Series)

Need to change your oil, turn your rotors, or do a tune-up? Pop into our Autoskills Takeover class to learn how to navigate around your vehicle and learn how to make repairs yourself. Each participant will receive five (5) FREE bay hours by attending this workshop.
7 Habits

Military families face unique hurdles which require firm family relationships to successfully navigate the changing military lifestyle.  This workshop provides the tools and principles military families need to communicate more effectively about their problems and resolve them successfully.  Participants learn how to adapt to relocation, anticipate phases of deployment, apply problem solving skills, resolve conflicts in family relationships and build family traditions.

Volunteer Ready

Want to  volunteer, but don’t know how to get started? Volunteer Ready gives potential volunteers the necessary tools for a successful and fulfilling volunteer career. Volunteers will be exposed to the dynamics of volunteering and the necessary skills needed to ensure volunteer experiences are positive and rewarding. 

Social Networking Safety

Social Networking is a way of life for Marines and their families in this digital age. Social Networking Safety Provides  strategies for protecting yourself and your children from social networking predators, and tips and resources to keep children and teens safe online and while traveling. Learn how to control social network settings to stay safe online, down range, and on the home front. 

How to Avoid Becoming a Toxic Workplace

All work places have there challenges but this class will help you utilize available tools and resources to make a positive impact on your workplace relationships.  

Developing Healthy Blended Families

Blending two families into one can be most challenging. This class offers practical insights for not only surviving but thriving within a blended family. You will learn normal stages of development through which blended families’ transition. Learn useful tips for helping everyone adjust to this new lifestyle.

Marine Corps Ball Etiquette

Not sure what to wear? Unfamiliar with what the Marine Corps Ball is all about? This class open to all military spouses and is the place to get all of your questions answered. You'll leave confident in what to wear, what is expected, and some deeper knowledge into the Marine Corps traditions surrounding the Birthday Ball. 

Family Care Plan

This workshop covers the new requirements of the Marine Corps Order 1740.13C. We highlight the four pillars (legal, medical, financial and logistics) upon which the Family Care Plan is constructed. We discuss the three different care providers and who needs what. 
Casualty Notification Process

Scared of " The Call"? The Casualty Process De-Mystified outlines the notification process for Marines who are ill or injured, explains the role of the CACO., discusses the CACO process and the importance of assisting family members who are missing, injured, or deceased . CACO's help to minimize the stress and confusion surrounding the term "casualty"

CPR AED Training

MCAS Yuma Fire Department provides this training for MCFTB. The curriculum used is the American Heart Association’s Heartsaver® Adult/Child/Infant CPR/AED training. The certification is valid for two years. 

Stress and Strategies 

This class provides participants an overview of the basics of stress, as well as strategies to help with decreasing stress. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about  different types of stress and stressors,  ways to positively manage stress, how to create a stress management plan, and resources available to assist those experiencing stress.  


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