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Guidelines for homeschooling in Yuma County

Families looking to withdraw their children from traditional schools and homeschool are encouraged to familiarize themselves with local and state regulations prior to beginning homeschool. In the state of Arizona, families enjoy many liberties regarding homeschooling and are given complete autonomy over their children’s education. Arizona does require, per ARS 15- 802, that all homeschooled students must have an affidavit of intent to homeschool filed with their county school superintendent’s office and receive instruction in, at a minimum, reading, writing, math, science and social studies. It is important to note that traditional homeschool, in a legal and practical sense, is the sole responsibility of the parent. Parents who homeschool are responsible for every aspect of their child’s education, from choosing a curriculum and delivering instruction to assigning grades and scheduling activities. Families looking for a home or distance learning option for their children that is delivered by a fully accredited online public or charter school are encouraged to review the Online Schools page.

Yuma County Superintendent’s Office – Home Schooling Information
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