Special Needs

Identifying Students with Disabilities

Yuma School District One and Crane District are committed to making sure that all children with disabilities, including children attending religious or private schools are identified and evaluated.
Children from birth through two years who require screening, evaluation, or early intervention services should be referred to the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP). In Yuma County, please call 928-329-8095.
Three to five-year-olds should be referred to the following programs: Yuma School District One, (North End Preschool 928-502-8140), Crane School District (Great Beginnings Preschool 928-373-3949) for appointments and screenings. The identification procedures shall include screening and evaluation procedures consistent with considerations for older students. Information regarding such screenings and regarding the rights of children with disabilities shall be made available in a mode of communication that will be understandable to parents, regardless of their ethnic, linguistic, or cultural background. Vision and hearing screening shall be in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Health Services. The evaluation procedures shall include consideration of academic progress, communication, emotional/behavioral, adaptive living, and psychomotor problems (A.A.C. R7-2-401). If the child is determined to be eligible for services, the Team will establish educational services and placement.
The district shall complete screening procedures within 45 calendar days after enrollment for each kindergarten student and new students enrolling without appropriate screening records. If the screening procedures indicate a possible disability, a referral for evaluation shall occur after appropriate pre-referral procedures have taken place (Student Assistance Team {SAT} referral). This process includes parents, administrator, general education teacher, and others who may be providing support to the student. If the SAT team refers the student to ESS for evaluation, a meeting will be called which includes the SAT team, school psychologist and special education teacher. A determination is made by the team whether or not to proceed with a full psycho-educational evaluation. Parents and/or students may request a referral for evaluation and that request will follow a similar pattern, SAT to ESS referral (A.A.C. R7-2-401). Contact the school of attendance to request a SAT team meeting to discuss evaluation needs and provide input.
Military Families with school aged children on IEPs or 504 accommodation plans are encouraged to contact the MCAS Yuma Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) for educational support of their children at 928-269-2425.
Thank you for helping Yuma School District One and Crane School District locate and identify children with disabilities. Working together we can make a difference!


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