Transition Readiness

Transition Readiness Program

The Transition Readiness Program (TRP) provides career/employment assistance, vocational guidance, and transition information to separating Marines and their family members. The tools and information provided enable all separating Marines and their family members to make a successful transition from military to civilian life.

TRP Services

  • Career Counseling
  • Computer Lab, Fax, Copy Machine Services
  • Information on Federal, State, and Local Programs
  • Individual Transition Plan (ITP)
  • Job Search Techniques
  • Veteran's Benefits
  • Career Coaching
  • Job Interview Techniques
  • Verification of Military Experience and  Training (VMET) Form (DD-Form 2568)
  • Financial Planning
  • Mandatory Transition Readiness Seminar
  • Federal Employment Application Information
  • Instruction in Resume Preparation, Cover Letter, and Job Applicatoins
  • Career Assessment
  • Job Analysis Techniques
  • Employment and Training Assistance
  • Accessing Higher Education



A mandatory briefing to be taken no less than 180 days prior to a Service Members’ End of Active Service (EAS) date.  Preferable, Service Member will attend the TRS 12-14 months prior to EAS.  Mandatory Core Curriculum to include Military Occupation Code( MOC) Crosswalk, Department of Labor Employment Workshop (DOLEW), Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), and Financial Planning.  Spouses are encouraged to attend. Contact your Unit Transition Counselor (UTC)/Career Planner to register. TRS Pre-Work required.


TRS Required Material:

TRS Prework



A mandatory briefing required for retirees that is held quarterly.  Suggested attendance is 12 to 24 months prior to retirement.  The briefing is a 5 day workshop with 2 days as mandatory TRS Core Curriculum and 3 days of Department of Labor Employment Workshop. Spouses are encouraged to attend. Dress is business casual.  Contact your Unit Transition Counselor (UTC) to register.  TRS Pre-work Required.


Spouse Transition And Readiness Seminar (STARS)

A two hour brief held quarterly, that provides military spouses with the knowledge, information and resources needed for transition readiness.  Call the CRMC/TRP office to register. 


What path will you take?

TRP offers supplemental courses, 2 day track options and Private Sector Resume, Federal Resume, and Interview techniques courses

Career Technical Training Track- A seminar facilitated by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) designed for individuals interested in obtaining training in a trade or technical field in order to obtain a job.  Similar to the Accessing Higher Education Track, this course guides Marines through choosing a career path and evaluating their needs such as comparison of institutions, requirements and eligibility for certification, licensure, apprenticeships, to create and individual plan for success. 

Entrepreneurship Track “Boots to Business”- A seminar facilitated by the Small Business Administration (SBA) for Marines interested in pursuing self-employment in the private or non-profit sector.  This course will teach Marines about the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, the benefits and realities of entrepreneurship, and the steps toward business.

Accessing Higher Education Track- A seminar facilitated by P&PD staff which guides the Marine through the variety of decisions involved in choosing a college, degree program, the admissions process and funding options.  The expected outcome is transition to a higher education institution. 

Resume Writing-Private Sector – A two hour class that provides the information and tools to develop an effective private sector/civilian resume.

10 Steps To A Federal Job-Resume – Information on researching and developing a Federal resume to land a Federal Job.  Meets on a Thursday afternoon and the following Friday morning once a month.

Interview Techniques – This class is designed to prepare you to interview effectively and confidently for employment.  You will also learn to dress for success, what to say, what to ask, and employer’s commonly asked questions. 


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Required training for all Marines within 90 days of arrival at their first permanent duty station.  This five hour brief provides an overview of career and educational resources, as well as financial topics such as banking and financial services, savings and investments, living expenses, understanding debt, and Service Members’ rights.

See your S-1 for next available date.


PRS Pre-Work

PRS Pre-Work Document


Individual Development Plan (IDP)

IDP Document

Check out our calendar for dates, times, and locations of workshops/classes/seminars.

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