Testing Services

The Education Center proctors the following exams:


The American College Testing is an admission requirement for some colleges. The ACT consists of four tests that measure academic development in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning. The Assessment provides scores on the four tests, a composite score, and seven sub scores which provide more detailed information concerning an individual's academic development. Approved calculators are permitted but not required.  DANTES funds one administration of the ACT to eligible military service members at an Education Office on station. Study guides are available at the Education Center, Station Library or online at tutor.com/military.



The Armed Forces Vocational Classification Test is a comprehensive test that measures knowledge of science, math, vocabulary, reading, mechanics, electronics, auto mechanics, and clerical skills. This test is used by all branches of the military as a predictor of success when working in a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Study guides are available at the Station Library or online  at tutor.com/military

College Exams

College exams can be proctored at the Education Center if approved by your school.  This free service is available to active duty, dependents, reservists, and civilians aboard MCAS-Yuma. Please contact the Education Center at (928) 269-3248 to arrange for testing.



The Defense Language Aptitude Battery is an 82 minute test that military services use to measure a service member's ability to learn a foreign language.



The DLPT (Defense Language Proficiency Test) is designed for individuals who are already fluent in a specific foreign language needed by the military.


GED Locator

The GED Locator consists of 5 tests, one for each GED subject area.  The GED locator measures the level of study for each area.  If preparation is needed, individualized lessons will be created utilizing workbooks and DVDs to assist in preparing for the GED test. Please call (928) 269-5614 for more information.



The Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) is a standardized procedure for the global assessment of functional speaking ability. It is a telephonic interview between a certified American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) tester and an examinee that determines how well a person speaks a language.



SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores are used as a college admission requirement and student placement instrument. The SAT is a reasoning test that consists of 10 sections that measure critical reading, mathematics, and writing. DANTES funds one administration of the SAT for eligible military service members at an Education Office on station. The Education Center does not schedule SAT administrations in July- September as the SAT Program shuts down their scoring system in summer to prepare for national testing in October. We recommend that you use the ACT during this period. Study guides are available at the Education Center, Station Library or online at tutor.com/military



The TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) is a 90-minute multiple-choice test that measures an individual's knowledge of math, reading, and language. This test is used to qualify an active duty member with an ASVAB GT score of 99 or below for Tuition Assistance and for verification of a service member’s reading comprehension level.


BASIC SKILLS PREPARATION PROGRAMS - Online Academic Skills Course (OASC) and College Placement Skills Training (CPST)

What is OASC and CPST?

OASC and CPSTS are interactive, online courses designed for individuals who want to build math and verbal skills, pass exams, advance their careers or continue their education.  The OASC focuses on basic skills training for math, reading, and vocabulary while the CPST program focuses on college-level skills training for math, English, language arts and essay writing.  The programs are fully funded by the DoD for Active Duty, Selected Reserve military members, DoD civilians, and their family members.  

Getting Started

Log on to www.nelnetsolutions.com/dantes and follow the enrollment instructions.

How does OASC and CPST work?

When you first log on, you will be prompted to establish an account and begin an academic skill assessment by taking a Pre-Test. The Pre-Test evaluates current math, reading comprehension and vocabulary abilities.  Based on the results, a customized set of lessons is built to address individual strengths and weaknesses.  Since the interactive lessons are built specifically for each participant, users will spend most of their time on areas where improvement is needed.

The quizzes and practice questions are targeted to assess users’ command of the concepts/skills and how they are progressing through the course. The program is self-paced and allows participants to progress at their own comfort level. Those with less time to study can choose a shortened set of lessons.

Why does OASC work?

OASC uses award-winning learning object technology to deliver lessons with detailed instruction for a specific concept or skill. Lessons include interactive exercises and practice questions accompanied by explanations. To reinforce learning and continually assess progress on math and verbal concepts, the course allows users to apply their skills in a test-like setting. Participants receive a detailed analysis of their performance – based on the results of quizzes, practice questions and flashcard games for vocabulary and math terms. At the end of the course, users can take a Post-Test that demonstrates their improvement, which is excellent preparation for getting to the next step in their education and career.