Arizona Adventures

Arizona Adventures is the only program of its kind- come see for yourself!
Whether you're planning a weekend camping trip with your friends, or planning a backyard BBQ with your family, Arizona Adventures is here to improve the quality of life for Single Marines and Marines & family.

Have a big group, or want to take some of your Squadron out for some team building?
Check out our programs:

Arizona Adventures is hosting a Fish Tournament and Fish Fry at Martinez Lake!
This is open to the Yuma Community, as well as base patrons.

On the morning of each event, check in from 5am - 6am to start the launch from Martinez Lake. Breakfast will be served before the launch. Catch the biggest fish and you'll be eligible for first and second place prizes!

Adults are $20, spectators are free.

Register today by calling 928-269-2848 or by stopping in Arizona Adventures, building 562.