Our Services

Blood Pressure Check

We provide regular blood pressure checks at our office with an electronic blood pressure cuff. We also encourage patrons to utilize the blood pressure cuff at the MCX located by the Barber Shop.

Body Fat Assesment

Skinfold analysis is a common field assessment to predict body fatness. The technique is based on the fact that 50-70% of stored fat lies between the skin and muscle, referred to as subcutaneous fat.

Nutrition Classes

These classes can be tailored to a unit's needs or interest request from patrons. Available Class Topics include: basic nutrition principles, healthy snacking, goal setting, meal planning, resting metabolic rate, and weight management.

Nutrition Consultation

Have questions about nutrition? Come to us and we can help you build meal plans, healthy eating habits, and introduce you to the many resources we have available for you.

Injury Prevention & Stress Reduction

PNF, SMFR, and DMS help through: Increased circulation, reduced pain, reduced risk of strained muscles, faster rehabilitation from injury, increased lymphatic flow, break up of muscular scar tissue, relieving muscle knots, cramps, spasms, and stiffness, and loosening of Tight Stress Carrying Muscles

Active Duty is Free and All others Pay 2.00 for 15-30 Minute Session.