Oasis Pool

Want to get some laps in, learn how to be a better swimmer, get the kids some swim lessons or just cool off during the summer months? Oasis Pool measures 25m in all directions, offers 4  water slides, and a splash pad for the little ones. The Oasis Pool open seasonally from May until September.

Lap Swim

Lap swim is open to all eligible patrons for the purpose of swimming laps only. Lap swim is open to ages 15 and up.

Open Swim

Open swim is open to all eligible patrons for recreational or fitness swimming. At this time you have the opportunity to play, water walk, exercise, and swim laps. Children under 10 must be accompanied by someone 16 and older. Children over 10 left unsupervised must pass a swim test.

Pool Reservations

Oasis Pool is available for private reservations; separate fees apply.  Please contact the Aquatics Manager at 269-2914 for additional details.

Desert Heat Triathlon

Swim Lessons

Saturday, September 30, 2017
at 7:30am

Hosted at Oasis Pool aboard the MCAS Yuma, the Desert Heat Triathlon is sure to bring fast times and fun to all who participate in this event. This event features a 400m swim followed by a swift 10 mile spin, and lastly  a 5k run. The youth event will feature a 100m swim and a 1 mile run.

Adult participation includes a Dry-Tek shirt, COA, medal, and 1 free beer (if of age).  Top 3 participants also receive a commemorative plaque.

Adult Event (Age 15+): $60 per person.
Youth Event (Age 7-14): $30 per person.

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Swim Lessons

Tuesday - Friday 11:30am-12:30pm

AMP-IT focuses on two primary components: deep water interval running and muscular conditioning. AMP-IT incorporates different exercises which can reduce skeletal strain and reduce the likelihood of injury while improving physical fitness.