Personal Training

Take advantage of our remarkable certified personal trainers. There are 1-on-1, partner, and group sessions available upon request. We will help you build an individualized program that will assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Unit PTs with trainers available by reservation with a 24 hour advanced notice. Exclusive Coaching at the Station Gym comes with:

  • Initial Consultation with one of our trainers*
  • BodPod Testing*
  • InBody Testing*
  • Nutritional Consultation*
  • Personal Fitness Goals
  • 30-60 minute session depending on goals and availability
PT Packages MMA Packages
Individual - 1 Session: $30 Individual - 1 Session: $30
Force Fitness Pack - 4 Sessions: $100 Combat Pack - 8 Sessions: $160
Devil Dog Pack - 8 Sessions: $180 Self Defense Pack - 12 Sessions: $210
Warfighter Pack - 12 Sessions: $240  
Tactactial Athlete - 16 Sessions: $272  
Elite Pack - 20 Sessions: $300  

Group Classes

New Parent Support Program Baby Boot Camp Workshop

Female Strength Training Bootcamp
(31 JAN - 25 FEB)

Female Strength Training Bootcamp is a six week instructor-led, moderate intensity, fitness class designed to teach participants safe and effective methods of resistance training. All patrons enrolled in this Bootcamp will receive before and after body composition testing, a nutrition seminar, and high-level coaching. This bootcamp will run three-days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 9am to 10am. Female Strength Training Bootcamp is $50 for Civilian/Dependents and $40 for Active Duty. This class is for women of all fitness levels. To register visit the Fitness Center in building 545 or call 928-269-2727.

FTS 60 (Female Strength Training 60 Mins)

This class is for women of ALL fitness levels! You will be prescribed exercises with equipment of all types ranging from sandbags, barbells, or even SLEDS! FTS 60 is designed to challenge you as an individual and remain motivated with the help of your teammates.

Body Pump

Full body circuit training program utilizing all forms of equipment including body weight exercises while incorporating music.

Core Circut Training

Using available equipment to tailor to the classes to members' goals. AMRAPs, Tabatas, Stations, Ladders, and Rep challenges are incorporated into the core of this class. Workouts may be timed or counted, done individually or together with the combination of cardio, strength, and core moves..

10th Planet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our program is custom tailored by and for America's fighting men and women and their families. You'll learn the techniques of the Jiu Jitsu martial arts style from our experienced and world championship Coaches.

HITT (High Intensity Tactical Training)

The High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) program’s primary purpose is to enhance operational fitness levels and optimize combat readiness and resiliency for the active duty United States Marine. This comprehensive strength and conditioning program takes into consideration the physical demands of operational related activities in order to optimize physical performance while in combat. By implementing the latest cutting edge training methods and fundamental scientific principles, the HITT program focuses on enhancing athleticism for today’s warrior athlete, the United States Marine.


Gain strength and improve muscle endurance with this fast paced HIIT style training.