Arizona Adventures

Arizona Adventures

Arizona Adventures is an outdoor recreational facility that provides you with all your outdoor needs. We are located at Bldg. #562 right behind the Service Station. Arizona Adventures has a wide variety of recreational equipment available for reasonable usage fees, everything from sports equipment to fishing boats.  Equipment rentals are available at daily, weekly or monthly rates. Whether you are planning a weekend camping trip or going paintballing with friends, we have all the equipment you need. Need help planning an outdoor adventure? Stop by Arizona Adventures we have books, magazines and maps of local favorite spots to help plan your trip out. Get away for the weekend with the family on one of our outstanding trips. Our yearly trips are Castle Dome, Canoeing, Slide Rock and Grand Canyon. We also provide Kayak training as well as camping and outdoor survival classes here at Arizona Adventures, where your adventure begins!

  • Outdoor Recreation

    Outdoor Recreation

    Arizona Adventures offers many outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, biking, and water sports. Get your adventure started today!

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  • Paintball


    Arizona Adventures offers a dynamic paintball field to get your game on. Rent or purchased high-quality equipment and accessories to get the lead on the competition.

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  • Operation Adrenaline Rush

    Operation Adrenaline Rush

    The Operation Adrenaline Rush Program combines Combat and Operational Stress Control Principles with an outdoor recreation adventure activity to aid in mitigating boredom and high-risk behavior of recently deployed Marines.

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  • Group Programming

    Group Programming

    Arizona Adventures provides group programming for active duty members only.

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  • Equipment Rental

    Equipment Rental

    Arizona Adventures is not just about your next fun outing but providing the right equipment for the event. Check out what we have and stock and let us hlep you create the perfect event!

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Leave No Trace

  • Plan ahead and prepare
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Minimize campfire impact
  • Respect wildlife
  • Be considerate of other visitors

For more information about these principles or the leave no trace program visit the following website


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