The Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma Athletics program guarantees to provide a comprehensive range of individual and team sports for both men and women with an emphasis placed on mass participation. It is designed to provide programs that assist Marines in maintaining morale and espirt de corps while keeping mentally alert and physically fit. In addition, to fulfill the leisure time needs of interests of military personnel, their family members and DOD civilians through recreational and competitive activities.


Active Duty military and their family members assigned to MCAS Yuma. Family members must be at least age 18, unless otherwise identified in the specific bylaws.

DoD civilians (APF and NAF) who work on or are assigned to MCAS Yuma. Civilian family members are not authorized to participate unless they also work on the Base.

All civilians must sign "Hold Harmless" agreements prior to their participation.

Challenge and Self Directed Activities

The purpose of challenge/self-directed activities such as ping pong, horseshoes, racquetball, and miscellaneous board games, is to provide ongoing events which place an emphasis on participation rather than on winning. Participants play at their own convenience within certain constraints. Players advance on a tournament board by challenging and defeating an opponent. Each contest is self-programmed and informal. Contestants issue and accept challenge matches from each other, with the ultimate goal of winning all challenges, and advancing to the top of the tournament structure.

  • Varsity Sports

    Varsity Sports

    For any information concerning Varsity Sports, All-Marine, Try-outs, or Higher Competition please contact the Athletic Department.

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  • Intramural Sports

    Intramural Sports

    The purpose of Intramural Sports is to provide opportunities for participation in a wide range of individual and team sports for both men and women regardless of skill level with a primary emphasis on maximum participation. 

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  • Field Reservations

    Field Reservations

    Reserve a field at the Memorial Sports Complex. Field reservations are open to Active Duty and their family members, Retirees and Civilians. 

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  • Fun Runs

    Fun Runs

    We want you to challenge yourself and take the first step to a healthier life. Fun runs are a great way to start. No, you don't have to be a marathon runner, you just need a positive attitude and some comfy running shoes.

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