Health & Fitness

Physical Fitness

The Semper Fit Physical Fitness Programs are available to all authorized patrons aboard the base and include personal, partner, and group training, circuit training, family fitness, and group exercise classes. Our mission is to assist, support, and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors through instructional fitness activities and skill development. We also provide mission specific Unit PT, BCP, HITT, PFT/CFT support, and Corporal’s Course Instruction for Marines. Our professionally trained, certified staff is here to educate, motivate, and personally address your individual fitness needs.

The Station Gym will now be a 24 hour/7 day a week operation for all patrons.  Personal training, Unit PT, or HITT sessions can be requested but are not currently offered between the hours of 2200-0400.

Our Services

Personal Training

Take advantage of our remarkable certified personal trainers. There are 1-on-1, partner, and group sessions available upon request. We will help you build an individualized program that will assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Unit PTs with trainers available by reservation with a 24 hour advanced notice.

Active Duty Free

All Others: $20 Per Session 

Wellness Assessment

This assessment includes a variety of tests, examining one's physical strength, aerobic capacity, flexibility, and more. Measure how effectively your heart and lungs can transport oxygen-rich blood to you working muscles and determine your strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness levels with out Microfit Testing System. 

  • Pre-Assessment (Pre-Personal Training)
  • Post-Assessment (Post-Personal Training)
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Body Fat Assessment
  • Strength Testing
  • VO2 SUB-MAX Testing
  • Flexibility Testing

Active Duty Free

All Others: $5 Per Assessment

To schedule your Wellness Assessment, contact Station Gym at 928-269-2727 to schedule one.

HITT: High Intensity Tactical Training

The High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) program is a comprehensive combat-specific strength and conditioning program that is essential to a Marine’s physical development, combat readiness and resiliency. Different components of performance enhancement training are key components to superior speed, power, strength endurance and overall combat readiness while reducing the likelihood of injury and ensuring that our Marines are physically prepared for real-time combat and tactical situations.

Station Gym
Station Gym

The Station Gym offers all the equipment you may need to stay at the top of your game. We offer a weight room that includes Olympic free-weight benches, squat racks, selectorized, plate-loaded, and cable machines, as well as dumbbells ranging from 5-150 lbs. Did we mention we also have 13 treadmills, 17 elliptical trainers, 2 step mills, 10 stationary bikes, a Versa-climber, 2 ALTER G (anti-gravity) treadmills, and a stretching area? Well we do, so there are no excuses when it comes to getting fit.

Group Exercise Center
Group Exercise Center

The Group Exercise Center (GXC) covers a variety of group driven exercises including indoor cycling, muscle toning, high intensity interval, step, yoga, cardio boxing, and Zumba.