Health Promotion is a combination of art and science that helps people discover, achieve, and maintain an optimum state of wellness. Unhealthy lifestyles are the major cause of illness and death in our country, an enormous burden to society, and can create a negative impact on our military’s readiness. By providing programs that help to both recognize and prevent chronic illness in addition to providing avenues to change unhealthy behaviors, our Health Promotion staff can make a positive impact on the health and lives of those we serve. 

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The Marines Corps defines the following topics as the most prevalent health issues that impact mission readiness and are therefore the focus of the Health Promotion Program:

  • Physical Activity
  • Tobacco Use Prevention & Cessation
  • Weight Management
  • Nutrition
  • Sexual Health & Responsibility
  • Injury Prevention
  • Chronic Disease Prevention

Health Promotions Services

Blood Pressure Check 
We provide regular blood pressure checks at our office with an electric blood pressure cuff. We also encourage patrons to utilize the blood pressure cuff at the MCX located by the Barber Shop. 

Nutrition Classes
These classes can be tailored to a  unit's needs or interest request from patrons. 
Class Topics: Basic Nutrition Principles, Healthy Snacking, Goal Setting, Meal Planning, Resting Metabolic Rate, and Weight Management 

Body Fat Assessmen
Skinfold analysis is a common field assessment to predict body fatness. The technique is based on the fact that 50-70% of stored fat lies between the skin and muscle, referred to as subcutaneous fat. 

Nutrition Consultation 
Have questions about nutrition? Come to us and we can help you build meal plans, healthy eating habits, and introduce you to th emany resources we have available to you.

Injury Prevention & Stress Reduction
PNF, SMFR, and DMS help through: Increased circulation, reduced pain, reduced risk of strained muscles, faster rehabilitation from injury, increased lymphatic flow, break up of muscular scar tissue, relieving muscle knots, cramps, spasms, stiffness, and loosening the tight stress of carying muscles. 
Active Duty is FREE and other base patrons pay $2.00 for 15-30 minute sessions. 

Tobacco Cessation
Learn how to cope with the difficulties of tobacco cessation. This behavior modification based program consists of group support and the use of nicotine patches. Zyban is also used to enable individuals to kick the habit. Classes take place every 3rd Tuesday of the month in Building 1093 from 1300 - 1600.

  • In 20 minutes, you blood pressure and pulse rate decrease, and the body temperature of your hands and feet increase.
  • At 48 hours, nerve endings start to regrow and the ability to smell and taste is enhanced.
  • In 1 year, risk of coronary disease and heart attack is reduced to half that of a smoker.
  • In 15 years, your risk of coronary heart disease and heart attach is similar to that of people who have never smoked. The risk of death returns to the level of a non-smoker.

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